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";s:4:"text";s:8183:"A woman comes into the room and addresses the old man as Adam. Somehow the show didn't break my brain, but this comment did. When her long-suffering secretary shows up for work, she realizes the appointed day of her father Egon’s death has come, and rushes to his side to try and remove him from his apartment, the scene of the eventual crime. He knocks out an unsuspecting nurse, and escapes. Get news & recommendations for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, and more, in your inbox. Of course, we know that he’s just tied up in the caves, thanks to Team 2020 Teen. Katharina goes to the school and finds the truth — that Mikkel and Michael are the same — in the school records, seeing Mikkel in a 1986 class photo. The show’s command of its characters’ painful emotional journeys, and of how the experience of time travel makes those journeys all the more arduous by either asking questions that cannot yet be answered or answering questions that were not yet ready to be asked, is so total that it’s all you can focus on. Back in the ‘80s, Egon shows up at Claudia’s office to tell her that he has cancer, and it spread. Agnes seems confused. Members . Hannah lies again — saying that it’s just a really supportive community, and her son is missing. Press J to jump to the feed. Thirty-odd years later, Claudia Tiedemann is on an all-night physics bender, wildly recording her laboratory’s findings regarding the so-called God Particle that will soon make time travel possible. Charlotte asks who her mother is, and he says that Charlotte’s mother loved her very much — she still does. My mother loves you, you know that? “Oh yes,” Clausen responds ominously. That man’s daughter is Agnes, which means it’s likely a matter of time until we see young Noah again. It’s still post-apocalypse, and he’s in his mother’s abandoned house. Charlotte meets older Jonas, and they swap info. Martha comes in a few minutes later. Ines tells Mikkel that God’s plan for her is to be there for Mikkel. No offense, Helge, but where else would time be? Yes, there will be a new series of Dark on Netflix. After saying goodbye to HG Tannhaus, old Claudia walks in the woods, where she is confronted by Noah. Did Claudia even have different colored eyes last season? Egon lets her visit Ulrich. One ends with loss of naivete, the second ends with loss of innocence, and the third ends with loss of life itself. Regina is in treatment for her breast cancer. Meet Kelsey Asbille, 'Fargo' Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: American Pie, 'Lovecraft Country' Episode 9 Recap: Going Back to Tulsa, 'Lovecraft Country' Showrunner Admits She "Failed" Indigenous Character Yahima, 'Lovecraft Country' Episode 9: 5 Things You May Have Missed in "Rewind 1921". Mikkel is in the car with them, and comes inside to use the bathroom. “Charlotte? One big revelation is that the show's villain, Adam,  is actually an older Jonas, 66 years in the future. She goes to see him, and asks him to move in with her. She has trouble wrapping her mind around the time travel thing, but is very relieved and happy to see Jonas. Claudia questions why, and he says he has to accept that he needs to be part of the disaster that he wants to prevent. She points the gun outward, then at her throat. When he says "yes," she repeats old Claudia’s words exactly. They light up cigarettes and share some intense eye contact that again makes me wonder: in a world where time travel exists, who gets to be horny for who? In 2053, Jonas steals gas from a tank to try to fuel his time travel. In other words, he gets his book from the future to help him with his Box in the past. Woller, the man with the eye patch who works at the police station, visits the trans sex worker, whose name we still don’t know, and it’s implied that the two are siblings. Is this going to be another incest situation? 638, This story has been shared 545 times. Thirty three years later, Egon visits Ulrich again, asking how he knew things from the future, like songs and death dates. In an exciting turn of events, Martha, Magnus, Franziska, and Elisabeth team up to figure out what’s going on. This is an interesting pairing, because they’re both pretty new to time travel and don’t have a ton of experience with which to guide one another. Adult Jonas is at the Kahnwald house, and is visited by young Noah, who hands him a letter from Martha. Discussion. “You’re sacrificing her?” Noah asks. The lid comes off, and dark matter rises in the power plant. “Did you volunteer for it?” Woller wonders. He recognizes her, but she does not recognize him. Stealing her adult son’s time machine, Hannah Kahnwald travels back in time to rescue her love Ulrich Nielsen, stranded in a psych ward after being charged with the kidnapping and murder of multiple children. 2020 Jonas says, “I want to tell you something. Close. Season 1 kicks into high gear in 2019 with a kid, Mikkel, going missing at a cave in the nearby woods, leading to the mysterious Stranger offering clues to Jonas -- one of the teens involved in the incident -- to solve the case. Poor Jonas seems a little too eager to trust Adam. Old Jonas has just the right amount of hubris to name himself Adam for no other reason than thinking he's important enough to claim the name. Team 2020 Teen heads to the caves. He’s trying to save her life, but being very scary about it. Also, Jonas was the one who took Mikkel to 1986 and left him there. We love you! Dark takes place in the fictional German town of Winden, which has been experiencing numerous child disappearances. Having successfully escaped from the psychiatric hospital, Ulrich finds Mikkel. Egon recalls that Mikkel said Ulrich was his father and decides to pay Ines a visit. Search forums. He asks about Bartosz, tells him that the apocalypse has to happen, and instructs him to find the missing pages from the omniscient notebook. 995. Claudia from the ‘80s goes to the library in 2020 to figure out what the hell has happened in the last 33 years. Jonas will not be born, but everyone else will live. Here’s a quick recap of the final episode of Dark series two. Seems like what we would call a cold case. He's the reason kids have gone missing from Winden in the past and why their dead bodies are popping up over three eras (1953, 1986 and 2019) near the cave. Charlotte says she thinks this all has to do with her, which means it definitely does. The older man realizes that the younger one has been sent by Adam for a purpose, and encourages him to question Adam. First, The Masked Sing, As season 15 of The Real Housewives of Orange County approaches, fans of the original Housewives show can expect a certain amount drama from the cast, even, Real Housewives Of Orange County thrive on the d-r-a-m-a. However, viewers were left unaware of what time zone they had travelled too. “Consider it a peace offering,” says Agnes. J'ai beaucoup aimé cette série ! He grabs her, hard, and even holds her at gunpoint. She tells Egon that despite a resemblance, Ulrich is not her husband. After Jonas leaves, Hannah seems worried about Michael, and encourages him to come to the party. On vient de regarder l'ep 8 avec mon copain. Jonas drags Martha to the bunker and locks her in. Grand Army begins with a terro. Boston News Anchor Says She Was Fired For 'Hubie Halloween' Cameo. She’s suspicious, so he shows her the scar on his arm, the oil stain on the floor. It was basically 8 episodes of me saying out loud, "Wait, WHAT?" His words seem hollow and desperate, and Hannah knows it. “Unidentified woman’s body found in the woods,” the headline reads. His mom is relieved to see him, and immediately starts praying, holding him. In 2020, Clausen wants to interview Regina, and seems suspicious of her husband, Aleksander. Never believe anything else.” Martha wakes up scared and sweaty. If you're bored by now, then you also don't want to hear that I write for ESPN on the PR side of things. Clausen, who seems to somehow always be a step ahead despite being new in town, asks Woller, “Who’s next?” and smirks as Woller says “Hannah Kahnwald.”. 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