His main job was to serve as the messenger of the gods. As the chief herald and messenger of the gods and goddesses, Hermes wielded the enormous power of information. Together, the two had the god child Pan, a rustic deity associated with shepherds and their flocks. Hermes was the son of Zeus and Maia, daughter of the titan Atlas (whose children were called the Atlantides) and the Oceanid nymph Pleione, whose seven daughters were known as the Pleiades (a name given to a constellation of seven stars). “Hermes.” Wikipedia. That his name was derived from words associated with roads and thresholds suggested not only his status as god of travlers, but also his reputation as a trickster who played with boundaries.1. The feathers of his winged temples have become synonymous with swiftness and reliability; they have often appeared in various advertisements and logos. So it was that Apollo first took up the lyre, the instrument he would use to become the greatest of all musicians. There were two missing, and his anger flared back. Hermes informed Odysseus of Circe’s treachery and gave him a magical herb called mory, which Hermes promised would protect him from the sorceress’ charms. Hermes had much more to do in the Odyssey, where he used the full measure of his cleverness to deliver Odysseus, his great grandson, back into the loving embraces of his wife and son. He was also the messenger of the Gods. He would disguise himself as a traveler in order to test the hospitality of mortals. Hermes' symbols include the Caduceus, a leather pouch winged sandals, a rooster and a ram which is his hat. His Roman counterpart is Mercury. Hermes came to his aid once more, this time delivering news from Zeus himself. 143), for which Homer (Il.

He was able to travel very fast and could easily move between the realms of the gods, humans, and the dead. Cornered, Hermes offered Apollo his lyre instead, an offer his half-brother eagerly accepted. His peculiar anatomy aside, Pan was much like his father. When Odysseus finally returned home to Ithaca, he slayed the opportunistic suitors who—by seeking Penelope’s hand in marriage—had sought to usurp Odysseus’ role as patriarch of his family. His name is probably derived from herma ( see herm ), the Greek word for a heap of stones, such as was used in the country to indicate boundaries or as a landmark. Apel, Thomas. Cyllene was reputed to be his … He is described as appearing to resemble a middle-aged man with an athletic figure-slim and fit with salt-and-pepper hair (as a jogger) and in his original form, black curly hair, elfish features, and a sly grin. xxiv. God of commerce and luck, patron of travelers, thieves, and merchants, and champion of athletes and athletic competitions, Hermes was a wily trickster who often put his own amusement over the interests of the gods. He once took the guise of a slave trader and sold the hero Heracles to the Queen of Lydia. He was soon covered in pebbles. He was known as a cunning trickster. As was the norm with Greek gods, Hermes had a plethora of lovers and multitudes of children.

Hesiod. Hermes was the Olympian God of travel, roads, thievery, merchants, athletics, and travelers. Homer. Mythopedia. Zeus was so amused by the young god's antics that he granted him a place as one of the twelve supreme gods of Olympos. Hermes was the sly trickster deity of the Olympian pantheon, a messenger and herald who took pleasure in mischief and used wit and wile to outfox his enemies. The Olympians laughed. His Roman name is Mercury. He also helped Heracles in capturing the three-headed dog Cerberus from the Underworld. However, he did protect Priam when he went to the Greek camp to retrieve the body of his son Hector and accompanied them back to Troy. In some accounts, Hermes also mated with Dryope, an Arcadian nymph. Listen to a recorded reading of this page. :Hermés) was, in Greek mythology, one of the Olympic gods, son of Zeus and Maia, and possessed of several attributes. Hermes is the Greek God of speed and communication in Greek Mythology and is popularly known for being the messenger of the Gods. He took the entrails of the sacrificed cows and made the lyre. Hermes is usually depicted as a young man with an athletic build. Like other trickster gods, Hermes tested norms, challenged conventions, and crossed boundaries. Hermes is the Olympian God of commerce, trickery, and travel, as well as the messenger of the gods and conductor of souls into the afterlife (called a psychopomp).

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